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Do you have a website or blog? Will you be ready...

Publié le 2 Juillet 2013 par Lix Pierre-Louis Regis

Do you have a website or blog? Will you be ready when our advertisers are ready? You can still register to be a Publisher with madvertising and cash in on some crazy profits! Once our Galaxy is fully lit you will want to have your ad spots already set up as a publisher so you can get in on the commissions. Let’s spread across the globe with our madvertising banners!

You must have a valid site/blog that you can edit to do so. You cannot use any of your PI reflinks as the link to your site.

You need to only register one time, and include all your sites if you have more than one site where you want to publish adds.

If you are already signed up as a publisher and need to edit your account, please log in to your madvertising back office and do so.

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